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How To Keep Busy While Social Distancing

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Lifestyle | 2 comments

Hello Lovelies. Welcome back to V.Vintage Wardrobe ! These last three months have been quite interesting to say the least. Covid19 has taken the world by storm forcing many of us to adjust our lives by practicing social distancing. Many of us are losing our minds, myself included about self-isolation. As an extrovert with subtle introvert tendencies, it has been hard adjusting to this temporary new way of life. Here are some ways I have been keeping busy while social distancing.


If you live in the New England area, then you know we are just getting into the last part of winter. What is spring?  Nevertheless, I am going to prep for whatever ‘spring’ we receive. Go ahead and put away those winter clothes and bring out the transitional pieces. I got my floral and pastel pieces ready to make an appearance. Donate items that you do not see yourself wearing anymore. If you know me, then you know I do not believe in hoarding clothes. Another alternative is selling your used or new items on Poshmark or Depop (I will be uploading some new and gently worn items for sale on both apps).


Hey what a better time to revisit your fitness goals. You may have fallen off and want to get back on the right track. Revisit those goals you made earlier this year and see how you can begin to tackle them. Since my local gym and Orange Theory are both closed, I have to find other ways to keep myself active. Four days of the week, I walk outdoors for two to three miles. Do some home workouts. While social distancing, I know it is easy to eat everything in sight because what else is there to do. Well, I have been using this opportunity to heavily focus on my diet. I am on a low carb diet and so far, so good. I am using my free time to make healthy delicious meals (check out Pinterest for great recipes). Get those summer bodies ready!


Who else is overwhelmed by the amount of music released. It is nearly impossible to keep up with all the new projects because so much music is released. I am finally catching up to new releases I may have missed or not give a thorough listen. My favorite new project is Snoh Aalegra’s new album ‘Ugh, those feels again’. Let’s just say she is eating up the R&B game. Also, I have been catching up on some of my favorite podcasts and discovering new podcasts.


1. The Joe Budden Podcast

2. The Read

3. Transformation Church

4. Two Queens in a Pod

5. The Kickback Theory

What are your favorite podcasts ?


I finally have time to rearrange my room. Take this time to declutter, rearrange your closet, and move things around. I use visual images from Pinterest to serve as a guide. Of course, now I feel the need to buy need new accessories to compliment my new space. Comment some of your home decor stores.


What other perfect time than now to pick back up on a hobby or start one. Whether it’s journaling, cooking or creating content. Utilize your free time to get back into that creative space. My creative juices are in full effect. After a long two years, I picked up my camera and recorded a haul video (will be uploaded soon). Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Also, expect to see more blog posts.

Well that’s all Vintage gang ! Hope this post was helpful. Please share how you are keep keeping busy while social distancing. Until next time XOXO


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Hair – TouchedTresses

Written by Vanessa

My name is Vanessa Ageno and I am a 23-year-old Ugandan - American blogger based in Massachusetts (USA). I started this blog as a space to express myself through fashion and lifestyle. From a young age, fashion has always been my happy place. I see fashion as an expression of what is within. With fashion, there are no limitations to the colors you choose, bold patterns or accessories. I aspire to help those looking to develop their own sense of style. Whether you’re a lover of all things fashion, beauty, travel or health/fitness you have found yourself in the right place. Get comfortable, grab yourself a cup of tea or wine and I hope you will stick around. East African 🇺🇬 fashion enthusiast Founder of V Vintage Wardrobe!


  1. Nanachi

    Love this post so much. Thank you for this! We deff need to be using this time wisely as you have been doing. Eating healthy for me has been a struggle but I will deff take to Pinterest to find recipes for healthier meal options. Just hoping to come out this a badder bish lol. I also really love the transformation church podcast. I will have to try listening to the others on your list. I have been using my time to read a lot and started creating content again for my Youtube channel also. I am sooo looking forward to your haul.
    PS. A good store for accessories for your new room setup is Hobby Lobby. Such a great store with a variety of decor items.

    • Vanessa

      Glad you enjoyed ! Thank you for that recommendation I will make sure to check it out. Can’t wait to see your videos as well.


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