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Protect Your Edges

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Protective hairstyles are an essential part of growing and maintaining healthy hair. During the colder months, my go to hairstyles are wigs, braids, and cornrows. The versatility within these styles are endless. However, if not careful these ‘protective’ styles can cause major tension and thinning of edges. Growing up, my mother always had my hair tucked away in braids. This made it easy for her to take care of my hair without the day to day hassle. Over the years, my edges starting thinning and eventually balding. How could I be losing edges? My hair is always in protective styles isn’t that supposed to help?

While protective hairstyles can help with growth of healthy hair. It is also important to remember to take care of your edges. Edges or baby hairs are small, delicate hairs that reside on the front of one’s hairline. These hairs can be stubborn and depending on hair texture hard to manipulate. Because these hairs are thin and delicate, they are prone to easily thinning. 


There are many reasons for loss of edges that include underlying medical conditions, tension from hairstyles, glue, lack of moisture, heat damage, and excessive use of chemicals. Do you allow your hair to breath between wig or weave installs? Are you frequently brushing your hair? Are your hairstyles putting tension to your hairline?

As previously mentioned, my go to hairstyles are wigs, braids and cornrows. In my case, I lost my edges from excessive braiding and tension from tight braids. Overtime wearing tight braids, cornrows, or ponytails will lead to hair loss that can become permanent. Growing up, I was under the impression the hairstylist always knows best. So whether that meant leaving the salon with tight hairstyles, I just had to suck it up. 


Massage and Moisturize Your Hairline. Massaging your hairline stimulates blood circulation which amplifies the amount of red blood cells in your scalp. This creates a healthier environment for hair growth. I recommend placing a small amount of oil and using your fingers gently to massage your hairline in circular motions. Do not scratch.

I highly recommend using the Edge Nature Follicle Enhancer. This product targets thinning and damaged edges. This is a natural cream based product that soothes the scalp and hair follicles to help generate hair growth. The peppermint penetrates through the scalp,  giving it a soothing sensation.  

As someone who lives in protective hairstyles, I use this product three times a week and gently apply it to the circumference of my hair. It is recommended to apply the product twice daily for best results. Within three weeks of using this product, I saw much needed growth in my edges. Even though I am in a better place with my edges, I believe this product will continue to grow and maintain my hairline. Edge Nature Follicle Enhancer is not only limited to the hairline but can be used on any problem areas. Visit their website to purchase and see real life testimonials.

Disclaimer: This product was free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Avoid tight hairstyles. The purpose of protective styling is to maintain, protect, and grow healthy hair. Yes, that includes your edges. Your edges are delicate and they are to be treated as such. Avoid wearing hairstyles that are too tight or pull your edges. Remember the tighter the style, the more tension it’s putting on your hairline. When it comes to doing braids or twists, I recommended your edges be left alone or look into alternative hairstyles.  Also, avoid parting your hair in small tight sections.  Medium to bigger sections help to reduce the tension.

Wear a silk or satin scarf to sleep. We black women don’t play when it comes to our hair scarf. A hair scarf is the last vital piece to a black woman’s hair regimen. Why are hair scarves so important? A hair scarf helps prevent hair from tangling and frizzing up as you sleep. They also help prevent friction between your hair and pillow. In addition, they help with preserving hairstyles.  Does the type of scarf matter? Yes, silk or satin scarves are great options. Silk scarves don’t absorb the moisture out of your hair unlike cotton. I highly recommend investing in an adjustable silk scarf, this will allow you to adjust it to your comfort. 

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My name is Vanessa Ageno and I am a 23-year-old Ugandan - American blogger based in Massachusetts (USA). I started this blog as a space to express myself through fashion and lifestyle. From a young age, fashion has always been my happy place. I see fashion as an expression of what is within. With fashion, there are no limitations to the colors you choose, bold patterns or accessories. I aspire to help those looking to develop their own sense of style. Whether you’re a lover of all things fashion, beauty, travel or health/fitness you have found yourself in the right place. Get comfortable, grab yourself a cup of tea or wine and I hope you will stick around. East African 🇺🇬 fashion enthusiast Founder of V Vintage Wardrobe!


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